Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Permission

Getting permission is one of the most difficult aspects of metal detecting. 
Think about it: you're asking permission TO DIG HOLES on someone else's property.
Obviously, more often than not, the answer is NO. 

You WILL get yelled at. Doors WILL be slammed in your face.

Consider yourself lucky if you never have a gun pulled or find yourself speaking with a very nice police officer.

But why?

Most property owners are concerned about damage; many are worried about liability. 

A few will assume you're a fortune-seeking degenerate, while some might be worried that you'll find the stash that they're hiding from the IRS their wife. 

Still others are simply protective of "their turf" and don't take kindly to strangers snooping around, permission or not.

  • So how DO you get permission? 
  • Is it ok to detect on property that looks abandoned or is for sale? 
  • Can you detect public parks? 
  • What about cornfields?
  • How do you get a "yes" from the owner of the house you have your eye on?
We'll talk about all of this (and of course I'll share my tips on etiquette) in an upcoming series of posts tagged "Getting Permission."

If you're a veteran and have any tips for scoring a site, please use the comment section to share them below.  Newbies can use the comment section to ask questions, too - I'll do my best to answer them in the series.

Thanks for reading and keep on diggin'.


  1. If you think about it, you can't detect a private site/home so getting a no changes nothing. Pretty much "status quo" have nothing to lose by asking.

  2. You are exactly right, Dick. If anything, you might get a comical story from it or a learning lesson for next time. The old saying... You will never know unless you ask, applies here!