Sunday, August 25, 2013

Detecting at the Classic Victorian Estate Inn

Today I stopped and knocked on the door of a local bed & breakfast that dates back to the early 1900's.

After introducing myself and briefly explaining what I do, I was granted permission to detect - and I was thrilled!

I offered that I would leave any relics or jewelry with the house, but asked if I could keep a coin or two if any were to be found.  They agreed.

The owner told me some of the history of the home.  Everything was sounding great until he mentioned that one of the longtime homeowners didn't have children and had little to no family.  This was a red flag.  No children/little family typically means that there wasn't a whole lot of activity in the yard and there might not be a lot of targets underground to be found.

After a few minutes of conversation, I started detecting.

I started out front because it was on a main road and had a sloping hill.  Unfortunately, as soon as I  ground balanced my machine, I started picking up a lot of electrical interference from the overhead power lines.

I did my best to listen for signals between all the chatter, and I managed to dig an old rusty pocketknife about 4 inches down.

I slowly worked my way out of that area to a cleaner zone with less interference.

Then I got a really nice signal, deeper than all the previous ones.

I dug down about 7 inches and turned up an old horse stable tag.  #22.

The cool thing was that it still had a little piece of the original leather attached to it.

I re-checked the hole and got the exact same signal.  And I ended up finding another one!

With limited time left in the day, I decided to check out the backyard.

Based on my earlier assumption that there were few targets in the yard, I decided to do a quick scan.

I'm happy to say that I got a few more targets in the back than I got in the front yard.

I dug a few clad coins from the late 1960's.  And then... I finally hit silver!

 A 1951 Rosie.

Then a few steps away, I got a 1941 wheat penny.

The owners' grandson (who had been watching the whole time) asked if he could tag along.  I always enjoy when a kid is interested in the hobby, so of course I said yes.

After watching me dig a few clad coins, I could tell he was really enjoying himself.  I answered all of his questions, and offered to come back and bring a machine for him to use.

Today's Finds

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is always a nice surprise to meet such good people through this hobby.

The owners/innkeepers were two of the nicest people I've ever met.  They were genuine and welcoming - perfectly suited to running a B&B.

This isn't a paid or sponsored post, I'm just sharing my opinion.  If you're ever in the Lehigh Valley and you'd like to stay at a bed & breakfast, you should consider staying there.  It's beautiful.

The entrance features a working original elevator from the 1920's.  There are gorgeous stained glass windows throughout.  The frames are inlayed chestnut around the doors and windows.  It is truly a masterpiece.

Breakfast is included and their signature dish is "French Toast Souffle"...

And I love their tagline:  "We satisfy all special requests and have yet to receive one that we cannot accommodate."

Visit Classic Victorian Estate Inn to see pictures and read more about the property.  They were so kind to permit me to dig today.