Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding (But Not Keeping)

One of my friends called me to ask for help in finding his aunt's pendant.

It was both sentimental and valuable.  His aunt is one of three sisters.  When her mother passed away, she left her daughters a large stone, and each sister had a piece of the stone made into a piece of jewelry.

She lost it in my friend's yard.  Babysitting his kid.  And she was heartbroken.

No pressure or anything - hahaha!  

It took me about 45 minutes, but I found it near the swingset.  

His aunt cried when I returned it.

And I turned down a monetary reward in exchange for permission to detect her yard.

Turns out, karma got me back!  I hunted her yard and turned up a 1935d silver Washington quarter.

It felt so good to help out my buddy and his aunt.  She was visibly relieved and very grateful to have found her lost treasure, and I was happy to find (but not keep) it.


  1. Thanks for finding the pendant for my sister. We miss our very special mother. This piece of jewelry meant a great deal to her and the family is grateful. You are a good person DJ. Sincerely - Fran

  2. I was so glad to help! I almost thought for a second I wasn't gonna find it but I kept at it and glad I did! To see the look on your sisters face was priceless and was worth every second of my time! So happy it all worked out!