Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Giving Back Gracefully

I did a random door knock on a Victorian style home from the 1890's.  The homeowner said yes and I had a good day, finding a bunch of old coins and neat relics.

At one point, she left the property, and told me to e-mail her pictures of my finds.

So, I sent her pictures of my finds as she requested.

And she e-mailed me back.  A month later.  

She wanted all of the finds to stay with the house.

At first, this was upsetting.  But after a while I realized that the finds were rightfully hers.

I also really liked the idea of the items staying with the house because there was a good chance that they could've come from the original homeowners.

Plus, I was hopeful that I would find many more items in the future.

So, I tried to turn a negative into a positive, and I made this nice display frame for the homeowner.

On a sidenote:  her husband was a horticulturist/lawn enthusiast.  I was nervous going back the second time, because even though I tried to use proper technique, I knew he would be inspecting his property with a fine-tooth-comb.  Turned out I was worried for nothing, he said I could come back whenever I want!


  1. Like the display idea. Great PR, and who knows what opportunities might open up as a result. Thanks...

  2. That's the way to do it! And YAY for whatever you changed that now allows me to comment!!