Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hunting with Friends

Most of the time I go out detecting, it's a solo mission.  But, occasionally I enjoy hunting with friends.

One weekend, I went out with my good friends Mary Shafer and Jim Bongiovanni.  We went to a mid-1700's site in Bucks County, PA.

Part of the deal for the invite was to search for a lost gold wedding ring.  We agreed that if it was found, it would stay with the house.  Previous homeowners lost the ring, and it had been missing for approximately 80 years.  The current homeowners were relatives of the folks who lost it.

I found:
  • 6 Indian head pennies - one of them a fatty!
  • a merc
  • a rolled King George copper
  • silver jewelry
  • a couple tokens
  • and a bunch of wheats 

Mary and Jim scored, too.  We all had a great day.

Not only was it a great site for finds, but having fun with friends and hunting with two good people made it even better.

And I did find the wedding ring.  The stone was missing, but I returned the band. It was a great feeling to return the lost item to a family member who wanted it for sentimental reasons.


  1. Yup, we all scored some fine coins and relics at this site!

  2. Bucks County was my old stomping grounds (lived in Frenchtown across the river).....lots of great things to be found there. I miss it a great deal.

  3. Sure is Dick! I always love hunting down that way. Jim and I recently detected the old middle school built in 1928 (I think) in Frenchtown. Found a couple of keeper coins, mercs and buffalo nickels. Also found a unusual amount of rifle shells in the front yard of that school. If you ever come back to the area, I would be honored to go detecting together.

  4. That half of King George penny you found that day was awesome Jim! I wish all days were like that! Fun stuff!