Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meant to Be

I woke up one Sunday with no plans, but I had the itch.

I had to go somewhere, so I returned to a site that I had pounded previously.  I dug a few holes, but didn't come up with anything too exciting.  

Thinking I got everything this site had to give, I decided to head home.  

But as I was walking back to my truck, still swinging my coil, I got a really nice signal.

And bam! Three and a half inches down, in old, rich, black soil, was a gorgeous 1829 large cent.

I took a few more swings around the area, but got nothing else, so I figured I was done for the day.

But on my way home, as I was passing another one of my frequently hunted sites,  something told me to pull in and give it a whirl.

I swung over a section of ground that I had detected a hundred times before, but this time I got a faint, deep signal. 

I dug a hole...

and found a decent looking 1809 King George copper. 

I couldn't believe it! A two-copper day, at two of my previously hunted sites within a half-hour of each other!

I literally sat on my knees, staring in amazement at the two pieces of history I was holding in my hands.

1809 King George
1829 large cent

Large copper coins are one of my favorite items to find.  You can just feel the history in those coins.

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