Monday, August 5, 2013

"Nothing to Find Here"

I've had my eye on a site for quite a while. Recently, I noticed the homeowner doing yard work, so I stopped and approached her.

And I scared the bejeesus out of her! 

But after that, I introduced myself and we managed to hit it off.  She was very kind, but hesitant to give me a yes.  She said that there was "nothing to find" in her yard.

Naturally I was thinking that she was going to say no, and I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

I returned to her property the first chance I got.

It wasn't long before my hunch proved true; and before I knew it I had a 1906 Indian head penny and a few wheaties.

I worked my way to the corner of the property and got a great signal... and out came my 3rd walking liberty for the year: a 1935 walking liberty half!

At this point, I was more than satisfied and I still had more than half of the yard to go.  

About 15' later, at the same exact moment I heard a signal in my headphones, I saw a glimpse of silver sticking out of the ground.   I broke out the video camera.  Here is the clip:

Right after I found the bracelet, I swung my coil again and heard another signal over the same spot.  I checked the signal on screen, and it looked like silver numbers. This time I turned up a bent/smashed .925 silver ring buried under where the bracelet was lying.

Turned out to be a fun day for nothing in her yard!


  1. Shane Anthony MarcotteAugust 6, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    Thats awesome! NOTHING here, just move along lol good job!!

  2. Thanks Shane! It was a fun hunt!

  3. Great finds!Wish there was some jewelry hiding in our yard!

  4. Maybe there is, Rebecca... you never know until you dig!