Friday, August 23, 2013

Nowhere Special to Go


Today was a rare day - not only did I get out of work by 1 pm, but the weather was in the 50's with no humidity, after a scorching heat wave.  I HAD to get out - but I had nowhere special to go.

I got a call back from a friend who I previously contacted.  She gave me the go-ahead so off I went.  The neat thing about her place is that she lives in a development built in the 1940's for soldiers coming home from WWII.  The homes were from Sears kits.  You picked out your home and had it shipped to you, and you put it together by following a 75-page manual.

The first strong signal turned up a 1942 mercury dime.

Next, I dug another silver.  I saw the silver edge in the dirt and the excitement started to build...

I unearthed a 1962 silver Rosie.  And then bam!  A dateless buffalo nickel on the very next hole.

I dug a 1909 wheat penny - but there was no S or SVBD (no matter how many times I looked) and twenty other wheaties for a total of 21 wheat pennies for the day!

I also got a handful of clad, and a key with a key man like Mr. Peanut.

Even though I scored more pennies than silver, it turned out to be a real fun hunt, especially since I thought I had nowhere special to go.


  1. Okay, I finally figured out what's going on with the comments section: Whatever platform you're using to create your blog doesn't play nice with Google Chrome, at least for Mac. I'm on here through Safari with no problem!

  2. Blogger is the blog platform, but Disqus is the comment system (3rd party) - it is supposed to be WONDERFUL - ha! Thank you for the feedback. We'll work hard to get this fixed ASAP!

  3. Disqus is actually cool -- told me about this reply of yours that I hadn't seen before tonight. Nothing you're doing wrong -- It's just that Google's own blogging platform doesn't play nice with the Mac version of Chrome, its own browser! DUH!