Monday, September 9, 2013

Asking the Right Question Paid Off

I got called back to a customer's house who I worked for years ago. 

The first time out, I met the couple and obtained permission to detect their property.  Part of the home just happens to be an old one room schoolhouse built in 1918.

I detected at their house so long ago that I was using my Prizm V.  I didn't come up with much other than a few wheat pennies.

This time was different because I have more experience, I use my MXT now, and, most importantly, I did my research.

I asked the homeowner questions about ground manipulation, work they had done, if he knew where the outbuildings were, etc.  I also asked if he had any old photos of the property.  

I hit the jackpot!  The homeowner handed me an album.  There were thirty pictures of the reconstruction from the schoolhouse into the home.

One picture showed exactly what I was looking for:  piles of fill dirt and where they spread it on the original grounds.

The first time I dug this site, I thought it was a bust.  Turns out, I was digging in fill!  This time, I had a nice 20 x 40' area of original ground to detect.  This was the old school playground.

It wasn't long before I started finding what I'd hoped was there...

Coins started popping out left and right as soon as I hit the section of original ground.  

The first good sign was a wheat penny from the 1930's.

The third signal on site turned up

a 1942 mercury dime.

Just a few steps away, I found a bunch of wheats.  As I worked closer to the road, I got a great signal.

I popped the plug and there she was:
 a nicely worn 1920 liberty half dollar.

I couldn't believe it!  This is the 4th one I've found this year.

I also found an 
 old kids toy badge.

Unfortunately, by the time I was done hunting, it had deteriorated into tiny pieces in my pouch.

I also found a

dateless buffalo nickel,

a 1946 Jefferson nickel, and a few other odds and ends.  I called it a day and showed the homeowner

my finds.  

He was quite excited to see the old coins.  We talked history for a few minutes and I got permission to return.

It just goes to show, I thought the site was no good, but asking just one question turned out to lead me to the right spot!


  1. WOW! That's insane!! Woo hoo!!

  2. I did the same thing. 20 yrs ago I searched an area. Quit in 1993 after a heart attach. Started back this year. Asked myself Why didn't you search this field. I did and found a 1917 walker and a 1950 franklin a week apart. Plus 2 silver rings and many silver dimes and quarters. By the way Great find on the 1920 half. I love the big ones.... By the way , I have the MXT also.

  3. Thanks Melvin! Glad to hear all is well and your back out detecting. That field you got sounds like a awesome site! Good luck on future outings and you got yourself a great machine there.

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