Sunday, September 29, 2013

Digging a Rosie (under 10 pounds of slate)

I got a late start today because we went to a wedding last night.

So I decided to go to a house that was built in the 50's.  I acquired permission about a month ago and haven't had the time to go back out that way.

I got to the site and turned on my MXT.  

The first signal in - I got a wheat penny from the 1920's.  Second signal in?  Another wheatie - from the 1940's.

I was thinking that it was a promising start.  But I've learned by now not to get my hopes up.

Within the next twenty minutes, I dug a bunch of clad, and five more wheaties.

I worked around the house, and scanned pretty much the whole property.

As I worked alongside the concrete patio in the backyard, I noticed a 2' x 2' slate slab butted up against the patio, almost like a makeshift sidewalk.

Just by chance as my coil passed over the slate, I got a very good, solid signal.

And I'm thinking Wow!  There's no silver in the whole yard but there's going to be a coin under this piece of slate?

Lo and behold, I lifted up 10 pounds of slate, dug a hole about an inch deep,

and found a 1960D Rosie.

I get a kick out of things like this happening.  I searched so hard for silver - especially where I found the wheat pennies, but ended up finding a silver coin in the most unlikely spot.

 Either way, I'm glad I found it,

It was the only silver that I found today.

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