Wednesday, September 4, 2013

License to Drive

I was feeling energetic after work today so I decided to stop back at my friend's parents' house for a quick hunt. 

The first signal I dug was a 1937 wheat penny. 

I didn't get a lot of other signals until I got to the middle section of the backyard...

Then I got a strong signal about 5-inches deep.  It turned out to be a really cool 1919 PA drivers or chauffeur license.  Made of nickel-plated brass; I think it may have been worn as a badge/would have had a pin on the back.

I immediately went to show the homeowners what a neat piece of history I found.  We talked about how different things are today and how much simpler things were back then.  Things were built simply and made to last, not like the junk today - ha!

I got back to detecting and found a couple wheat pennies and some clad coins.  Then I found a Timex watch (it took a lickin'), a Ford emblem, a pocket watch, and a buckle.

I've always wanted to dig a metal drivers license.  In all my years detecting, I've never found anything like it.  It's really cool!  

One last pic!  (This one is after I cleaned it up.)


  1. That License is really cool wonder what kind of car he drove.

  2. Good Find :)

  3. That IS cool! Love the old Ford emblem, too. I like the size of it.