Thursday, October 3, 2013

Toy Cars on a Thursday

I got out of work a little early today.

I had a few errands to run and on my way home from the grocery store, I decided to stop at a little house I've had my eye on...

After introducing myself and giving my little speech, I got the go-ahead to come back.

I ran home and packed up the truck and I was back on-site within the hour.

When I get a small enough yard, I like to do a quick (5-minute) scan to see what kind of metals are in the ground before I start digging.  This also helps to see if there is a lot of trash on the property.  

Right off the bat, I started getting a lot of penny signals. A lot of signals might also indicate that there is a lot of modern activity.

After getting a pretty good idea of what I was in for, I started to dig.  

And just like I thought, there were modern coins scattered everywhere.  In one section of the yard, modern change was literally laying on TOP of the grass.

I tried my best to stick it out.  Usually in situations like these (digging nothing but modern stuff) I feel bad and try to limit the amount of holes I dig on the property.  

I went back to the front yard to give it one last effort before I packed up.  And I ended up digging the best of the site.

A 1969 Schilling.

The homeowner had mentioned earlier that he was looking to have his land surveyed and got a quote of over $500.  So, I offered to help him look for the property stakes.  This one turned out to be not so hard - one of the stakes was actually in the root system of a bush.

So, after I showed him the property markers and my finds, I packed up and took off.

Reluctantly, I headed home.  I still really wanted to detect.

So I stopped a block down and asked my neighbor if I could dig.

He told me his grandkids were in the yard a year ago with a cheap metal detector and they were looking for their old toy cars.

He gave me the go-ahead, and I was excited for the hunt.  This house was built in the 1870's!

And wouldn't you know?  The first signal in...

turned up an old toy car.

I dug a couple more modern coins and then dug another toy car and a bunch more clad.  I dug an old brass hose nozzle, and then within the next ten minutes, I ended up digging 4 more toy cars!

One was actually not a car, but more of a skateboarding guy robot man with a gun, possibly riding a skateboard.

He means business.

Obviously this toy isn't old, but I still get a kick out of finding stuff like this.

Though I didn't find any old coins today, I still had a lot of fun - 

I found a lot of items ,

and I even got to return those toy cars to the kids. 

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