Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upper Bucks History Hounds - First Group Hunt

Today was an exciting day.  I met up with our metal detecting group, the Upper Bucks History Hounds, for a group dig.

DJ Yost, Jim Bongiovanni, Bill Beers, Mary Shafer, Mike Benner & Paul Baldwin
(Not pictured: Eric Rump & Joe Mulacheski)

We were asked by the local historical society to come out and take a look around a few of their properties to see if we could find history buried beneath the ground.

8 of us met for breakfast early this morning.  This was the first organized hunt for the History Hounds, and I was excited to be a part of it.  We all were.

After good conversation over good food, it was time to hit the soil. 

History overlapped at one of the sites, which was a log cabin in the 1700's before a homestead/store was built in the 1800's.  To us, the possibilities were endless.

The Historical Society did mention that this site had been detected before.  That didn't matter, really.  At a site like this, to me, it's always worth looking.

A few minutes into the hunt,

 Jim Bongiovanni (with his classic pirate yaaargh face) hit the first target of the day,

and he pulled out a nice old flat button.

A few minutes later, I chased a deep, iffy signal, and found 

 an old hand-forged iron hatchet.

As we were digging, we would dig the find, and then "bag and flag" them.  Simply put, this means that we placed the dug item in a numbered bag, and placed a corresponding numbered flag at the site where each item was found.

Later, we would identify each piece and label them on individual index cards.

I heard the familiar exclamation of my good friend, Mary Shafer.  She was yelling, "Silver!  I got silver!"  

 She turned up an 1899 Barber dime - the first silver of the day.

The next find was probably THE FIND of the day...

 Paul Baldwin found a really cool iron cross medallion.  
 It hasn't been positively identified yet, but it has initials and a cross going through a crown.

Meanwhile, I was near the house:

I got a pretty good signal and found a nice flat button.  I wanted to move onto the next target, so I eagerly filled the plug.  But then I instinctively double-checked the target, and when I swung my coil over it, I got the exact same signal...

So, I re-dug the same hole and found the matching cuff button.

Overall, today was awesome.  I'm pretty sure everybody had a really good time on this hunt.  A bunch more was found - including a dandy button and an 1893 Indian head penny by Mary Shafer, and a dateless Indian head penny and a few pewter spoons by Jim Bongiovanni.

Bill Beers found a really cool old toy rifle mechanism (the lever action part of it). 

The first hunt of the History Hounds was a great experience.  It was so fun to meet up with everyone.  Today we had great fall weather and we found some great items.  It was fun to give back.

I was glad to help out and of course, I need to give a big thank you to the historical society, and to Bill Beers for making today's hunt happen.

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