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{More Than} 25 Gift Ideas for the Metal Detecting Enthusiast

This post is something a little different.  Since we started the blog, Carissa has been bugging me about doing a guest post.  She came up with a gift guide for metal detectorists.  You can share it with your wife or girlfriend, and you'll get something you can actually use this year - haha!


Hi everybody!  I'm Carissa.  Each year, for Christmas and his birthday, I try to come up with cool, creative gift ideas for DJ.

I don't know if you've noticed, but he's into metal detecting.  I mean REALLY into metal detecting.  He's not into sports, he won't wear a nice sweater... shopping at the mall just won't cut it.

If you're in the same boat, and you're looking for the perfect gift to impress the metal detectorist in your life, I'm here to help.  I've come up with {more than} 25 gift ideas for the metal detecting enthusiast!  

Practical, useful, thoughtful - gifts to buy, to make, and to do... Whether your budget is $10 or in the thousands, there is probably something on this list for you.

**This is NOT a sponsored post**

1.  Does he NEED anything?  Some digging necessities are: 

  • Batteries - Check out what kind of batteries he uses.  Get one of those big packs at Wal-Mart and slap a bow on it!
  • OR - if he's using batteries, he might rather have one of those re-chargable battery kits.  *Go through the company that manufactures his machine.  For example, DJ uses a White's MXT.  So I went to the White's site and found this one.  

  • Digging Tool - DJ swears by the Lesche digging tool.  (He has one, but he might get another one this year from Santa if he's a good boy.  They're THAT good.)  You could also pick up a set of landscaping or gardening tools at somewhere like Lowe's or Home Depot.

  • Pinpointer - If your guy doesn't have one, THIS is the gift!  DJ uses this one from Garrett.  It's a handheld device that beeps when it detects metal to help pinpoint the targeted item in a large hole or dirt mound.

  • Digging Pouch -  If you're crafty, you could totally DIY a cute trash/treasure pouch.  Or, you can buy one from any of the major dealers.  DJ has this one and the one pictured, from White's.
  • Headphones - A good set of headphones is a must.  If his are worn or ready to be replaced, check out some of the newer ones from wherever he bought his machine.  DJ wants these (pictured) from White's.

2. Does he WANT anything?  

If your guy is serious about metal detecting, the chances are pretty good that he's got his eye on a new coil or maybe even a new machine.  Check out the cost and savings options online.  If you can swing it, he'll probably love it!  (That pun was totally intended.)

3. A no-fail gift (or a bonus stocking stuffer) is a gift certificate to the retailer of his choice.  Last year, DJ got TWO for White's Electronics.

4. There is a TON of metal detecting merchandise on cafepress.  Stickers, buttons, t-shirts, hats, water bottles... all metal detecting. 

 5. Speaking of merchandise, get him some from his favorite retailer!  You can't go wrong with a t-shirt, car sticker, or beanie repping the brand that he loves.  (DJ would wear White's t-shirts everyday, to every function, if he could!) 

6. A subscription (or renewal) to American Digger Magazine is a great choice for anyone interested in detecting.

6. Is he a reader?  Help him build his library of metal detecting books.  We highly recommend:  Where to Find Treasure by Dick Stout. Coin Hunting... In Depth by Dick Stout.  Metal Detecting - The Hobby by Dick Stout.  And, if you're looking for more titles, search 'metal detecting' in 'books' on amazon - there are 984 results.

7. Also at the bookstore, check out the guides to... whatever he's in to.  Bottles, coins, antiques, you name it.        

8.  If you live in an area that gets cold during digging season, thermals or under armour is a practical choice that shows you care!  DJ digs through the winter; he layers thermals with his White's T-shirts and sweatshirts.  Throw in some insulated socks and disposable hand warmers, and you've got yourself a winter-digging gift set.

9.  No use for winter gear?  Beach hunters use sand scoops like these.

10. Knee pads, gloves and boots are also practical things that metal detectorists can use - in all climates.

11.  Aside from his machines and digging gear, the number one tool that DJ uses for digging most often is his cell phone.  He uses his cell as a camera and for GPS.  If your guy needs a new one, consider getting him an upgrade to a phone with these features.  

Or, you could just get him a camera, or a handheld GPS device.

12.  Feeling a little more creative?  How about a day-trip gift basket?  Fill a small cooler with a re-useable icepack, bottled water, protein bars, trail mix, gummy bears (or other favorite candy), and a gift card to Sheetz (for a hoagie).

13.  How about helping him to clean up his finds?  DJ uses little brushes, a toothbrush, and gold/silver/jewelry cleaners.  He has his *own* spot at the kitchen sink and his *own* washcloths and rags for his finds.  (This is a gift for you too, ladies.  If you've got mud in your sink and on all of your dishcloths - here is your solution!) 

14.  A rock tumbler is a fun way to clean up his dug modern change.

15.  Does your guy have a jewelers loupe?  DJ uses them often to help see dates and details to identify his finds.  A magnifying glass is another option. 

He even has one like this mounted on his workstation.  

16.  Make him a "free digging" pass - it can be for a day out, hours out, a weekend trip, a day trip... be creative!  Feel free to use the one I made (above) or use it as inspiration and make your own.

17.  Frame some of his best metal detecting pictures - his favorite finds, digging in action, etc.

18.  Frame one of his collections.  Put together a shadowbox frame of his finds.  You could do a "2013 finds" box, or gather all of his dug keys, tootsie cars, buckles, etc.  

19.  Get an antique map of his favorite digging locations reproduced - and frame it.  Art for the wall that's useful, too!  I got DJ's from this site.

20.  A nice journal is a thoughtful gift.  He can use it to record his sites, finds, and metal detecting contacts.

21.  Make a calendar of photos from his year in metal detecting.  Gather your favorite images and go online to snapfish or zazzle or even Walgreens.

22.  Are you a scrapbooker?  A scrapbook of photos and notes from his year in detecting would be awesome!

23. Get him a site!  This one is priceless and will cost you nothing but your time.  Ask permission for him to detect on a piece of property he's had his eye on, or that you think might be a good spot.  Because DJ loves history, his ideal spot would be the somewhere historical - the older the better.  Be sure to choose a site that would be perfect for whatever his goals are.    

24. Don't rule out a toy metal detector!  We got ours at our baby shower and it was decorated with glitter stickers :)  It really works!  Whether you have kids or you just want to play around, a toy metal detector is a fun gift for the metal detecting enthusiast in your life!

25. Above all, show interest in his hobby.  This is something that will mean the world to him, is truly priceless, and lasts 365 days a year.


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