Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Long Dig - Part 2

**This is Part 2 in a series.  Start with Part 1 to start at the beginning.**

The owner's name is Anthony Schwickrath.  He bought the place to turn into a doggie day care.

When I got back with my machine, he told me a lot about the home's history, and offered to take me inside to look around.  He showed me the original floors and chimney.  The house is as close to original as you can get today.

He even showed me a hidden compartment in the floor, which may have hidden money in the past.

I shared some of my knowledge of where coins might be hidden or lost in an old home as well, like underneath the first floorboard of the steps (they would use a coin to date when the house was built or renovated) or underneath the window sills (used to prevent the glass from rattling in the wind).

We went outside.  I was so excited to start digging.  My only fear was that the excavator might have already taken away too much of the ground.

Before I started digging, Anthony's father arrived and introduced himself.  He was interested in what I was doing.  He stressed that I had the run of the land and kept telling me to enjoy myself.

I gotta tell ya - I've been in this situation before, around work crews.  At times, I've felt like I was in the way.  But these guys and the crew made me feel welcome.

The excavators helped me out by telling me which piles of dirt came from which section of the yard, and they also told me where they hit ash pits.  I asked if they'd uncovered any outhouse remains or bottle dumps, but they had not.

 It was so cool to see the levels of dirt, dating the property.

So finally it was time to do some detecting!  I started in what would have been the backyard of the original house.

In the area I had my eye on, they had already taken off between 2-6 inches of topsoil.  

As I turned on and tuned in my MXT, I immediately got a strong penny signal around 2-3" deep.  It turned out to be a wheat penny from the 20's.

I took a few more steps and got another strong signal.  This one, I literally just brushed away the dirt,

 to reveal a 1943P war nickel.

I dug a few older .22 shells...

and then my phone rang.

It was one of my bosses - on an important business account.  I'm not gonna lie (sorry, Steve) I just couldn't stop digging to answer the phone.

I dug a few more .22 shells and then I hit a signal at 5 inches where they had already taken off 3, so I was hoping for a nice old coin that deep in the ground.  I dug down, and sure enough - 

it was an 1882 Indian head penny.

I swear, the second I was putting it in my pouch, my phone rang again.  It was Steve, and I had to answer the call.  I knew it was important.

Again, I was right.  It was an emergency and I had to go.  

As much as I didn't want to, I packed up my stuff.  I told the guys I had to go and explained the situation.

They completely understood (they're businessmen themselves) and again, they expressed I could come back whenever I want to, even with a flashlight when I was done working!

I told them if I could, I would be back tomorrow...  


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