Sunday, March 16, 2014

Missed One Yesterday

I wanted to get back to yesterday's site to give it another shot.  So I headed out this morning, even though it was about 20 degrees colder today and the ground had frozen overnight.

I took both MXTs with me.  I wanted to run the 300 just to be sure I didn't miss anything yesterday.

I also obtained permission for the neighbor's yard, but I started right back where I left off yesterday - in the backyard area that produced all of the old stuff.

I really concentrated and moved slowly over all the ground I searched before.  And it took a while before I got my first signal...

 But I turned up a shoe buckle.

This site has iron nails buried everywhere.  This is common when digging older grounds.  

A few minutes later, I got a jumpy iron signal with bleeps of a high tone, and it was 4-5" deep.  I pulled two iron nails out of the hole and then I saw a glimpse of silver...

I probably missed it because the coin was on its edge and it was very close to the iron nails.  I must have hit it with the perfect angle today, or maybe it shifted due to the ground freeze last night.  Either way, I probably went over this spot a million times yesterday and I didn't find it...

 a very nice 1941 Washington silver quarter.

I was satisfied with my re-scan of the yard and moved on to the neighbor's.

This yard was much smaller and I'm pretty sure the grounds have been manipulated.    

I thought my first good signal was another silver quarter.  It turned out to be a quarter, but it wasn't silver.  

It was purple.

1977 quarter - hand painted

Purple is a first for me.  I've found red quarters (typically "bar quarters" used in jukeboxes) and gold-painted quarters (popular in the 80's, these were painted to use as prizes in seeded hunts) but I'm not sure of any significance of a purple quarter.

I also managed to find a bunch of coins in this yard... mostly clad with two wheat pennies mixed in.

Overall, I had a great time at these sites.  I found a handful of keeper coins and not too much trash. Always gotta love when you find the old mixed in with the new.  

And I'm glad I followed my gut and went back to re-check the yard.  I would have missed silver #2 for the year.  

I'd love to hear your stories about returning to a site and finding a coin. When/how did it finally decide to show itself?  Please share your experiences in the comments.

Total finds


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