Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Site - New Machine

The temperature hit almost 60 degrees (F) yesterday.  Some of the snow has melted and we can finally see green grass!  Of course I had to get out digging right after work. I've been eager to hit a local site with my new MXT All-Pro, and I couldn't wait to punch the clock and get out there.

I grabbed my machine and headed to an old site that produced some nice relics in the past...

Some of the ground was still frozen, while other areas were easily dug.  Spring is coming!  I can't wait.

It was a day of "firsts" for me:  not only was it the first dig of the spring season, it was my 1st time using the MXT All-Pro on a local site, I was using my new 9" coil, and it was my 1st time using the TRX - White's new pinpointer.

I was pretty excited to get started.

The first good target turned out to be a 1928 Al Smith "Lucky Pocket Piece" campaign token.  This was also a first for me.  I've dug plenty of presidential tokens, but I've never found a campaign token like this:

 1928 Al Smith Lucky Pocket Piece

"For personal liberty and national security"

Who is Al Smith?  A google search says that he was the Democratic nominee in the 1928 presidential election, which he lost to Herbert Hoover.  He went on to be elected governor of NY for 4 consecutive terms and was instrumental in building the Empire State Building.

I'm really happy with this find. It was 9" deep and I previously missed it twice with my MXT - using both the 10" D2 coil and the 8x14 eclipse.

The new White's pinpointer includes a ruler to measure the depth of your finds.  It's a handy, practical feature.
White's Electronics - Bullseye TRX Pinpointer
(click the picture for purchasing information)

My thoughts on the TRX:  It is very sensitive.  It includes a feature to ground balance in the hole to eliminate some of the chatter.  At first I thought it was frustrating, but once I got used to it, I was happy with the performance.

My next good target uncovered a shotgun shell 6-7" deep.  It was an "iffy" signal, but I dug it because I've previously hunted this site and I was looking for what I missed.

A few steps away, I found one half of a small lipstick, probably from the 30's.  It looks to be gold plated.  It's funny... I have a large collection of women's items including hair curlers, compacts, lipsticks, and garter clips.  Here are some pics:

My final neat find of the day was... well, I'm not sure what it is.  But it's pretty cool:

It's about the size of a US dollar coin and it looks like it's made of copper.  There is an ornate design around the edges and an airplane in the center.

I also found a piece of a pipe or a handmade ring - I have to clean it up to see what it is.  And I found one modern penny.


Not bad for a quick hunt at an old site.  I'm real happy with my new White's machine and pinpointer.  And I can't wait until Spring is officially here.

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