Sunday, April 13, 2014

Unbelievable Day

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my friends, family, and those who follow the blog and my facebook posts for all of your help and support.  Without you guys, I wouldn't get permission for half of the sites that I get to detect.  In essence, I wouldn't be able to find what I find without all of your help.  I've found what I've found due in part to the good people in my life.  I mean that sincerely.

Today I got permission from a friend to hunt his mom's house, built in 1905.

Yo mama's house is so old...
guys like me ask to detect it.

I was excited about this site - it's always been a really nice home.  It has a beautiful front yard that's never been altered except for a few missing trees.

I got set up and started swinging, but as soon as I turned on my machine, I got a bit worried. I tried tuning it in but I was getting terrible interference from somewhere.

So I played around with the settings.  I found that in order to get my machine (the White's MXT All-Pro) to run smoothly, I had to drop my gain (power level) down to around 6.  I didn't want to lose depth, so I ended up turning it up a little bit and dealt with the interference chatter.  I just had to go super slow and listen carefully for any high tones.

And I'll tell ya... it didn't take long!  A few swings in, and I got a solid quarter signal.

I dug the hole and saw a nice shiny silver coin at the bottom.  I pulled it out and wiped it off and to my surprise, it was a beautiful and highly detailed

1924 Standing Liberty quarter.

These coins, when found, are usually dateless and worn smooth.  I'm guessing this coin was lost in 1924.

A few swings away, I got another solid high tone and turned up a 1956 Rosie.

Silver in the hole!

I dug a few wheat pennies and then I found the next old coin: 

a 1907 Indian Head penny.

By now, I had worked my way about 25 feet from the house, and I was able to return to my normal machine settings.

A few signals after adjusting, I got a faint but deep signal.

I found a small copper gold-plated child's ring.  Missing the stone.

I dug a handful of wheat pennies and then I got another good high signal.

I turned up a nice 1939 merc.

Not even 3 inches away, I got a repeating signal and turned up 

a 1964 Rosie.

I found a bunch of wheaties and some relics - just odds & ends.  But then I got another screamin' high tone...

and I dug a 1957 silver Washington quarter.

Then I got two more silver Rosies, before I found

a 1903 Indian Head penny.

The next interesting target turned out to be a little metal dish of some sort.  It has an intricate design on the top.  On the back, its stamped "Everlast Forged Aluminum" and has two hallmarks.

After digging even more wheat pennies, I decided to check out another area of the yard...

It was almost like I was being called to this spot.  (Does this happen to anyone else?) It took just a few minutes before I got a nice tone in the gold range.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I found 

a 1973 high school class ring.

I went to show the homeowner to see if she attended this school.  She didn't and asked why.  "Look at this," I told her.  Man, did her eyes light up!  It wasn't her ring, but she appreciated the sentimental value all the same.

A quick cleaning found initials engraved on the inside of the band.  The homeowner is 95% sure that the ring belongs to one of the children of the previous homeowners and is in the process of tracking down the rightful owner of the ring!

I'm sure she'll be happy to have this back.  It's a beauty.

At this point, I knew I should really get going.  But I just couldn't bring myself to stop and leave with all of these targets coming out of the ground.  I told myself, "I'm only gonna dig a few more targets and get out of here."  

A few swings later, I got a solid low tone and I found a really neat lead toy figurine.  


I found some more wheat pennies before I turned up an old cufflink

with some type of decorative glass design.

The next good target turned up another kid's toy ring, it has "Junior Stewardess" with an eagle and the letters AA.  

Possibly from American Airlines?

A few minutes and a few more wheats later, I turned up a 

1901 V-nickel.

Then, still in the same area, I found a pretty cool old


I was feeling was more than satisfied with this hunt, so I finally brought myself to call it a day.  After a long work week and working a half-day today, a long dig sure did wear me out.  It's either adrenaline or passion that keeps me going to the point where I don't realize I'm beyond exhausted.

Having a day like today makes it all worth it.

I can't wait to get back to this site!

By the way, I ended up with THIRTY wheat pennies - LOL.  Most were from the teens.

Today's coins:
 (absent/not pictured:  wheat pennies)

And here's that Standing Liberty after I cleaned it up:

 What an unbelievable day!

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