Sunday, May 11, 2014

Search & Return: a Metal Detecting Mission on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there, especially mine!  (I love you, mom.)

After spending the day with my family, I decided to follow up on a message Carissa received this morning.  One of her childhood friends lost a chain yesterday while watching a youth soccer game.

I wasn't planning on getting out at all today, but after two meals with good food and great company, I somehow caught a second wind.

I contacted her friend and found out where he lost it.  I told him I would call him when I got to the site.

When I arrived, I called him for more details.  I asked him where he spent the most time yesterday, if there was a spot where he thinks he might have lost it, and what type of metal I was looking for.  I learned I was looking for a gold chain with a crucifix and two medallions. 

Luckily, of the 3 fields there, he was on the smallest.

I started at center field and gridded off the complete left side.  It took 20 minutes and I didn't find anything.
I didn't bring my shovel today because I wanted to stay focused on finding and returning the jewelry.  Because I knew it was a fresh drop, I didn't think digging would be necessary.  

On a few past search & return missions, I couldn't help but dig a few stray targets and it's easy to get sidetracked.  I'll tell you this though, I bet I can tell you where every good target can be found on that soccer field. I'm not gonna lie - I did try to dig a hole or two... using my fingers.

So, back to finding the lost items (see how easy it is to get sidetracked?) I moved to the other side and began to detect in a grid pattern.  About 5 minutes later, two rows in, I got the signal I was looking for - it was a low tone, low 20's on my MXT.

The second I got the signal, I looked down and I could see it shimmer behind the blades of grass.

 I can see it.  Can you?

I took a closer look, and the other two medallions were right next to it.  I honestly did one of those fist clenches and said "yes!" out loud. 

But surprisingly, the chain wasn't there.  I did an intense search of the immediate area and came up empty.  I finished gridding off the rest of that side and still had no luck.  

My best guess is that the clasp broke, all three charms slipped off together, and at some point the chain fell off in a different area.

Meanwhile, I sent Ryan a picture of what I found while I continued to search for the chain.  He called right back and said, "I'm on my way!"

He was so happy to hear I had found them.  He said the chain was the least of his worries, it was the charms that were meaningful to him.  Still, I kept searching until he arrived.

He showed up with a big smile.  
It was such a good feeling to help him out.

He thanked me half a million times!  The charms meant a lot to him.  He told me that he and his wife spent as much time as they could searching for them yesterday.  He said he had given up hope when he got the picture and realized I'd found them.

Found & Returned!

It's always a pleasure to be able to help out in situations like this, and I think it's the right thing to do and can only help our hobby overall.

Share your stories in the comments section!  Have you ever found & returned a lost item? 

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