Sunday, June 15, 2014

Highlights - Last 5 Hunts

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there, especially mine!

As much as I'd like to be out detecting on this beautiful day, I decided to stay home and spend time with my true treasures... Carissa and our daughter.

We decided to make some memories today, and tomorrow I'll get back to digging.  

I've been out five times since I last posted, so I thought I'd do a photo-heavy recap to catch you guys up.

It's been a great few weeks. I've managed to find a couple big silvers, a bunch of Indian Head pennies, and some neat relics.  Check them out:

 I love digging IHP's

The sight of big silver in the ground is always good.

Total finds from a 6 hour hunt on two separate early 1900's sites.

 Trade tokens are always neat to find.  
These are early gambling 5 cent trade tokens.

Went back to a construction site I've been digging for months...
Still turning up some good stuff.

 Possible police hat badge?  Any ideas?  There are no markings.

Fortunate enough to find another half - that's two in two weeks.

Keepers from a new site - a home from the early 1900's.  
Thought I'd find more here, but that's how it goes. 
 I'm more than happy with these couple of finds.

 Religious items are some of my most interesting finds.  
This one is personalized from mom. 

This silver Washington quarter was buried just a few steps away from the medallion.

Total finds - three stops in one day

Recently I did some curb-strip hunting in an old section of a nearby town...

 Found a nice vintage bracelet with an intricate design,

 and a really neat pocketknife - dug right along the side of the curb...

 Cleaned it up and it looks great!  Maybe ivory or pearl? 
The name of the ship is "MS Oslofjord" - Netherlands Shipbuilding Co.

 Neat piece of local history - early transit token with a liberty bell cutout in the center.

 1944 war nickel - right up against the sidewalk's edge, 4 1/2" deep.

 Total finds - curb strip hunt


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