Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Then and Now

When I was a kid, I played football.  Our team was good, we were division champs two-years running.  Our coaches decided to challenge us and set up a scrimmage against a team that was older and bigger than we were.

I ended up breaking my hand on the last play of the scrimmage... and that was the end of my sports career.

Twenty-some years later...

I've had my eye on a potential site for a while now.  It looks like a farm from the late 1800's.  The original barn and a few outbuildings are still standing and the property has a nice big yard.

I drove by today and noticed that someone was home.  It looked like someone was in the driveway.  So I turned the work van around.  (I just had to do it.)

As soon as I pulled in, he gave me a who's this guy and what does he want sort of look. Sure enough, he met me as I approached and asked if he could help me.

It took me a minute before I realized that he was one of my old football coaches.

I said, "Are you my football coach?"

He said, "Excuse me?"

I said it again.  He answered that at one time, yes.  He used to coach youth football.

At that point I was sure it was him - he was the special teams coach.

I said, "I'm DJ," and he got the biggest smile on his face.  I could almost see all of the memories coming back.

He remembered me then.

He said, "DJ Yost - Oh my God!  You broke your arm, didn't you?"

I couldn't believe he remembered that.

We talked for a few minutes about football.  Then, before I had the chance to ask for permission to detect, HE brought it up!  He said he saw the article in the newspaper.  So we talked about detecting and he gave me permission to hunt his property.

It's funny - I've stopped before and no one answered.  I've been hesitant to pursue it because it's a really nice large property in beautiful condition.

I never would have imagined when I was a kid playing football that someday my passion would be metal detecting.  I haven't thought about those football days in a long time, and it was nice to relive them in memories.

It's true what they say, it really is a small world.  It's crazy how life works sometimes.

Then and Now

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