Monday, August 11, 2014

A Few Days Off Means a Few Days Out... Detecting

I took a week's vacation from work and I had a chance to get out a couple of times.

My daughter was excited to get out detecting, too.

I finally had a chance to get back to some of my old sites.  I've been wanting to check them out using the MXT All-Pro with a different coil.

I met up with my digging buddy Jeremy and we headed to a one-room schoolhouse that's been previously hunted pretty hard.

I threw on the 8x14 DD coil and I was eager to see the results.

The signals were few and far between.  The first good signal I did get turned out to be a button.

Not sure if it's military or civilian.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, I found a few deep clad coins.  Jeremy found a wheat penny and a child's pin.

It was getting close to lunchtime, so we headed out.  We didn't have set plans for the day.  We didn't have any sites lined up, but we did have high hopes.

We were racking our brains trying to come up with somewhere to dig, when out of nowhere I thought of one of my old sites.  

I wanted to take Jeremy there because he runs a different type of machine than I do.  This site has produced very well for me in the past (buffalo, mercs, tokens, Indians, etc.) and I wanted to see what Jeremy could do.

As soon as we got there, I noticed some ground alteration.  They had removed a few trees and stumps from around the property.  I was excited about one particular tree stump that they removed, because it was in a hotspot that I found two or three trips ago.

They even left a 3 foot mound of dirt from the hole right next to it.

I told Jeremy that I love hunting in fresh piles of dirt like this.  You never know what they could have stirred up.

This is what happened: I turned on my machine.  Ground balanced it.  Took two swings.  Turned up a 1907 IHP.

 In less than a minute.

I smiled to myself.  I knew there were more coins in there!  I called Jeremy over to check it out. 

He was still putting his headphones on!

Less than two minutes later, I scored another Indian under an old tree root.  Right next to that, I dug a wheat penny.

Second IHP
I played in the mound for a few minutes, but I wanted to get back out into the yard because I was running a bigger coil, looking for deeper targets.

The first target I dug in the yard turned out to be pretty cool.  It's about the size of a nickel.  

 Star in the center - blank on the other side.

A few steps away, I got a solid deep signal.  Turned up a pretty nice 

Navy button.

Hunting this site is tricky. It's right up against a major road and underneath power lines.

I was interested to see how Jeremy was doing.  He ended up finding a few wheat pennies, a buffalo nickel, and a killer token dated 1851 from Buffalo, NY.

I wasn't getting too many signals in the yard, so I decided to switch modes on the MXT and go back and sift through the mound.  I called Jeremy over so we could hit it together.

I kicked some dirt around and got a solid target.

Pulled out my third IHP of the day.

I moved some more dirt and got another solid signal.  And turned up what I consider to be my find of the day:

Small cufflink, inscribed with a fox and the word "Tallio."

Come to find out, "Tallio" is the origin of the term "tally ho" and dates back to the colonial days, late 1700 - early 1800's.

 To me, this find is special.

We were pretty much wrapping it up for the day.  On our way back to the truck, I decided to dig a pesky overload signal that bothered me all day.

I'm glad I did...

I found a neat little stirrup.  

I recently dug one at a different site.  Now I have a pair.  How cool!

We called it a day and made plans for our next hunt.

 Today's keepers

Here is a picture recap of a few other hunts this week as well.  Some were old sites revisited, and others were fresh.

Any day getting out to dig is always a great day!

 Found a neat copper arrowhead with a hand-scribed chief!

 Keepers from a neat old stone farmhouse from the mid-1800's.

Got a cap gun from the 1950's.  It's called "Little Smokey."

Dug this old bracelet...

and cleaned it up.

Hit a couple different sites one afternoon with Jeremy.  
These are the keepers.

Interesting find: a silver-plated bullet.

Fun & quick hunt at a new site - scored a buffalo 
and some wheat pennies.

Thanks for looking!  Keep on diggin'.


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