Sunday, March 13, 2016

White's Electronics Easter Egg Hunt 2016 - Complete

White's Electronics sent 100 eggs across the country for a unique Easter Egg hunt this Spring.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to hide 10 of those eggs here in my hometown. I hid most of them in a place where you can play baseball, go swimming, play volleyball or go skateboarding all in one place - yes, the Nazareth Park.

Here are the guidelines/rules:

  • I hid 10 eggs in the Lehigh Valley and released clues from 3/14 - 3/19/16
  • Each egg had a stamped coin inside that would ring up as a quarter on a VDI.

  • Each person who found an egg will receive a prize from White's Electronics including T-shirts, pinpointers, books, a Digmaster, and a Treasure Pro! However, prizes are limited to one per person.
  • Hunters must show that you replaced your plug/covered up your hole. *Proper detecting etiquette is first and foremost. Leave no trace!

  • To redeem your prize, you must take a picture of the stamped number on the White's Coin in "selfie" form and share that picture with me on facebook or instagram. I shared your photo to White's and your prizes are on the way.
 A couple things:
  • I've decided to release the clues at different times each day to give those of us who work the day shift a fighting chance.
  • Please try to remember that this is a fun contest in its first year. Obviously there are going to be some glitches, but I think it's a neat idea that can only get better next year if they make it an annual thing.
  • I would hate to think that someone from my area would sneak out to the park and try to dig up all the eggs before the clues are released. That's just mean spirited sabotage and will ruin the fun for everyone else...
  • Please, follow the rules, wait for the clues, and post the selfie and plug pics to my facebook or instagram account to redeem your prizes!


Sometimes when I'm bored I like to pretend that I'm detecting the beach and I hit the sand. "Normal" people play volleyball here. A good place to start looking might be where the person serves the ball...

Update:  Egg #1 has been found. 

Thanks to Tim Ganley for using great technique - can't even tell you were there, buddy!

Update: ANOTHER EGG was also found on day 1 of the Egg Hunt...

John was swinging his way over to find the restroom and he happened to find one. Congrats John!


Somewhere at this same park is a concrete marker with the date the park was established. It says WPA 1939... A little bunny might've dropped an egg right around there.

Update: Egg #2 was found


Who's winning the game? Take a closer look and it could be you!

 Egg #3 has been found!

Clue #4 - Thursday, March 17

Ever dreamed about being a center stage act? Here's your chance!

Egg 4 has been found! 

Clue #5 - Friday, March 18
Who has cabin fever? Take a look around and maybe you'll be cured.

Egg 5 has been found!

Clue #6 - Friday, March 18
Some say that the best seats are in the front row, but I prefer the view from the top.  

Egg 6 has been found!

Saturday, March 19
Clue 7:
Different park, different town. Look familiar? 10 paces off the bridge would be a good place to start.

Egg 7 has been found!

Clue 8:
The tree without a top would be a good place to stop. Look around here - a White's Egg may appear.

Egg 8 has been found!

Clue 9:
Different park in the "Lower" section of town...
Grass, sand, or mulch - just don't leave the place a "Rec"

Last egg has been found!


Thanks to all who participated! And thanks to White's Electronics for sponsoring this fun contest. I really enjoyed seeing all the participants' enthusiasm and efforts. Sorry for those of you who felt left out. Think of this as a test run and if all goes smoothly this event could only become bigger and better!  

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