Hi!  I'm DJ. 
I love metal detecting.

I live in eastern Pennsylvania, in an area called the Lehigh Valley. I'm a coin shooter and a relic hunter. I don't hunt for profit. I never sell my finds.

I hope to share my love of the hobby with anyone who'd like to read along. 

I'd like to become a resource for those new to metal detecting; to offer help and advice when I can. 

I believe in saving history, one dig at a time.

My Machines & Coils:
  • White's MXT 300 - 10" D2 coil, Eclipse 8x14 Deep Scan coil, (stock) 12" spider coil
  • White's Prism V - (stock) 950 coil.   I used my friend's White's machine and when it was time to upgrade, I purchased the Prism.  Though I primarily use the MXT now, the Prism still works and I use it as a back up/teaching tool.
  • Bounty Hunter - I used this when I was a teenager.  I started to find good stuff and I began to take the hobby seriously.
  • Radio Shack Micronta 4001 - this was my very first machine.  I got it as a gift when I was 8 or 9 years old.

My Gear:
  • Finds pouch
  • Pinpointer
  • Good headphones
  • Lesche hand shovel 

 White's Calendar - June, 2012

Published In:
  • White's Electronics 2012 Calendar - June
  • White's Electronics 2013 Calendar - January
  • White's "Dreams Come True" pamphlet

American Digger Magazine - "Just Dug" section
  • Volume 8, Issue 4:  July-August 2012
  • Volume 8, Issue 5:  Sept. - Oct. 2012
  • Volume 8, Issue 6:  Nov. - Dec. 2012
  • Volume 9, Issue 2:  March - April, 2013
  • Volume 9, Issue 3:  May - June, 2013

A glimpse at my workstation

I Believe In:
  • Always asking permission
  • Getting in tune with your machine
  • Preserving history
  • Respecting nature and all property - dig clean holes, plug 'em; and don't leave any trash behind
  • Returning known items to their owner and returning historical items to the original homeowner.

  • Finding lost items
  • Satisfying your curiosity
  • Coin appraisal
  • Odd jobs - finding metal spikes, property markers
  • Speaking to groups and conferences 

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